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All Hail WordPress!

20 Nov

I’m glad WordPress’s fucking formatting template can’t work the way it’s supposed to in even the most basic of ways. Youtube embedding? Nah! Double spaces between paragraphs? Think again! Editing post titles? Heheh, nope!! One of my posts a little ways down apparently has no title, even though I gave it one, then edited it several times to make sure! Thanks WordPress! You officially cannot even perform the most rudimentary formatting functions of Microsoft Word! I guess I got what I paid for with you!


Guest Complainer: A Time to Screw (2004)

19 Nov

Oldie but goodie from my pal Tarnsman. If you haven’t yet watched A Time to Screw and you share my perverse yet infantile sense of humor, what the fuck are you waiting for?? Have a yogurt milkshake!