An Apology

26 Jan

Checking my stats, it seems like this little blog is getting slightly more hits than usual, at least in part due to one of my posts having apparently been linked on a discussion forum that I, as a non-member, don’t seem to be able to access. I don’t know what about it exactly is of interest to you guys, but I figure I might as well say: thanks for reading! Even if you hate it, still thanks.

More importantly, I’d like to apologize for my blog looking like an absolutely hideous bag of shit. I… haven’t been the most attentive keeper of this blog, in case the sporadic nature of my posts didn’t make it obvious, and so the half-assed placeholder setup I put in place when I first started this thing almost two years ago has gone completely unchanged for all that time. I keep telling myself that sooner or later, I’m going to revisit this thing and clean it up proper. We’ll see. In the meantime, sorry for assaulting your eyes, but thanks for putting up with it! However briefly.


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