22 Aug

You know, the more I consider it the more I think that the great and terrible thing about the American cultural ethos is the way in which its subjects are constantly enflamed with the desire for “more”. On the one hand, more power, more wealth, more pleasure; on the other, more freedom, more opportunity, more equality. Both sides of the coin engender a warlike mindset, a life of constant striving doomed never to live up to an imagined ideal; yet both produce world-changing developments. Americans never doubt for a second that simply by being alive, simply by being human, they are entitled to the best the world has to offer. It’s what makes them lead lives of perpetual alienation, anxiety and rage, yet at the same time what imbues them with the iron will to realize ambitions. Would that the ambitious capitalists and snarling social critics might realize they are fruit of the same spiritual tree; and that both in tandem make America the greatest – not the most good, perhaps, but the greatest – nation on Earth.


One Response to “Americans”

  1. Ashoka December 24, 2013 at 6:03 PM #

    The best empire on earth were the Achaeminid Persians because they ruled with kindness and tolerance. Read into Cyrus the Great, for example. He freed 40,000 Jews from slavery, had Persepolis built with paid workers, created an empire of tolerance and DIVERSITY, and etc. The Achaeminids set the stepping stone for the Parthians and Sassanids. Modern day Iran still has remnants of cultural development during pre-Islamic Iran (Nowruz, Yalda, etc. and the ruins of Persepolis alongside Cyrus Tomb are still in modern-day Iran). The reason most people don’t know much about Persian/Iranian history is due to the propaganda that elevates Greco-Roman antiquity as the pinnacle of civilization. Iran got fucked over by a CIA-controlled dictator (

    The problem with America isn’t that fact it is greedy and imperialistic as hell. The problem lies in its lack of diversity. Even the Tang Dynasty and India (during several time periods) possessed more diversity in lifestyles. “Multiculturalism” is just a place-holder term in America. Everyone is assimilated into the culture of making money, consumerism, and wanting more. There is no “more freedom, more opportunity, more equality” because this freedom paradoxically requires a good income. It is binary, not quantifiable with gradations or whatever. There is a reason of America’s great artists like Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, and Emily Dickinson have been depressed as fuck.

    I look down upon America’s culture that has yet to find its voice. Like Rome, it keeps trying to grasp for its cultural identity elsewhere, rather than make its own. People quixotically speak about helping each other before they even help their own damn neighborhood. Don’t need this shit. People stupidly think Rumi was Turkish and surface-read practically everything going, “OOOOHHH, this is nice.” America mutilates and perverts Zen/Chan, misinterprets artistic geniuses, and can’t even understand wtf communism means (just Wiki it to see most people don’t even read). If anything, America is like a cold machine with outward institutionalized mechanical smile with a kitchen knife concealed behind ts back. USSR was a bit more “up in your face” whenever they did unethical things. The new NSA leaks, war crime leaks, are starting to reveal America’s hidden kitchen knife is stained with blood, even though it is hidden behind one’s back. The intelligent see the blood dripping. You want to be happy? Then stop calling yourself “American” because the most realistic, honest display of an America is shame… for the Cambodia imperialism, for the invasion of Vietnam, CIA intervention i Argentina, the CIA coup of democratically elected Mossadegh in 1953 (, and for practically an endless list of war crimes this Neo-Rome has unleashed. Call yourself ANYTHING except Roman or American.

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